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DIY Cookies For Santa and Mrs. Clause

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Supply List: Rolled sugar cookie ingredients  (recipe link provided below), Royal Icing Mix, Gel Food Color, Treatology Flavoring System, Santa cutter with mustache, Gingerbread man cutter with mini heart, Snowflake cutter with mini snowflake, Gold & Silver Color Mist, Piping Bags, Food Writers, Sprinkles and nonpareils, shimmer dust, decorating brushes, Icing Bag Ties, and of course your baking pan, parchment paper and cookie spatula!
There are so many other fun products don't limit yourself just to these! Gold Glitter Gel would be perfect to let the kids decorate with.
All Wilton Products available at Michaels Craft Stores.
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The tradition of cookies and milk for Santa is one that we look forward to every year with our kids! The excitement and joy that comes with the anticipation of Santa's arrival is contagious and leaving only the best cookies and milk for Santa is a must!
I hope this project brings many smiles, lots of laughter, and quality time spent with family and friends! Don’t forget that there are no set rules on these designs. Be creative and have fun! I hope to give you a good guideline to recreate, or to get you started on a creative design of your own!
Step 1
Bake your cookies! The Wilton Roll-Out Cookie Recipe is one of the best. If you do not have a favorite cookie recipe I highly recommend this one.
Use your Snowflake Cutter with mini snowflake, your Santa cutter with mustache, and your Gingerbread man with the cute mini heart.
The Santa cutter is the shape used for Santa, Mrs. Clause, and the list to Santa, so don't forget to make more of those! And don't forget Santa's mustache!
This recipe makes approximately 2-2 1/2 dozen with these cutters. The Santa cutter is bigger than an average cutter.
Step 2
Prepare your Royal Icing according to Directions. Add a flavor of your choice from the Treatology Flavoring System. These flavors are AMAZING! Salted Caramel, Sweet Meyer Lemon, and Juicy Peach are just a few of the yummy flavors!
*Royal Icing Tip-You will use two different consistencies of icing. Piping icing is a little thicker than the consistency of toothpaste. You will use this for outlining, decorations, and applying nonpareils to your cookies. Second is flooding consistency icing. This icing is used to fill in your cookies after you have outlined them. Thin the icing by adding a half teaspoon of water at a time to achieve a thinner consistency. Don’t forget it is always easier to add more water than it is to fix icing that is too runny!
Cut the tips of your bags. For your piping icing, you want your opening to be a little bigger than a coffee stirrer. For your flooding icing your opening needs to be about the size of a straw.
Step 3
Mix your colors using Wilton Gel. For this set you will need Red, White, Skin tone, Yellow, Grey. Brown, and Black.
(If you want to add polka dots to your gingerbread man mix a second shade of brown flooding!)
You will need piping and flooding consistencies of each color except for black, and you only need piping consistency for black.
Use the color mixing guide included in the Wilton Gel pack. It gives you specific instructions on how to achieve the exact color you are wanting! This is SO helpful and something I will always keep close.
Lets Get Started!
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We are going to start off fun with a List for Santa that the kids can write on!
Using a Santa shaped cookie, outline the cookie with your white piping icing. Fill with your white flooding icing and set aside. Move on to work on the rest of the set while these dry. I suggest letting these dry as long as possible, overnight is best since you will be writing on them.
After the cookies are dry, use your Blue Food Writer to make horizontal lines resembling paper. I always use a notecard to keep my lines straight. Spacing between lines is up to you!
After your blue lines are done, make a red horizontal line on the left side of your cookie. Give the marker a few minutes to dry and make that list!! Don’t forget the longer the cookie has dried, the easier for the kiddos to write on!
Gingerbread Men & Mini Hearts
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Using your brown piping icing, outline your gingerbread man with your brown piping icing, fill with your brown flooding. If you want to add polka dots now is the time! Take that lighter shade of brown filling and simply dot the icing onto the already flooded wet cookie. Polka dots can be tricky so I would leave this to someone who has cookie decorating experience!
Let your base dry for 15-20 minutes and add the white squiggly lines for the arms and legs, the red cheeks, and the black smile and eyes.
Use your white piping icing to let the kids add fun details to the cookie using your Sprinkles. I added a pearl necklace, a bow tie made from Christmas trees, Pearl Buttons, Star Buttons, Etc.
The mini hearts would be a fun cookie to let the kids take charge. Pipe and fill with any color, and cover in sprinkles! What kid wouldn't love that?!
There are so many fun sprinkle designs just have fun!
Silver & Gold Metallic Snowflakes
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Outline your snowflake using your yellow piping icing, and flood with yellow. After the surface of the cookie is dry (5-10 minutes), spray with Gold Spray Mist. Give that first layer a minute or two to dry and add a second layer for a more vibrant gold!  Add a snowflake design in white piping icing to the top after it is dry to the touch. Use the same process for the silver mini snowflakes using grey icing and Silver Wilton Mist. I also used shimmer dust and a large decorating brush to give these some texture and sparkle. Just dip your brush in the shimmer and dust over cookie. The metallic mist is one of my very favorite cookie products made! The metallic colors are beautiful and so simple!
Last but not least……..
Santa and Mrs. Clause…..And his Mustache!
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You will use the same Santa shaped cookie for both of these. For Mrs. Clause, flip your cookie upside down!
Use your Food Writers to outline the areas you will be icing white; the band and ball of Santa's hat, Santa's beard & mustache, Mrs. Clause's hair, the collar of her dress, and her purse. This will make the outline process much easier!
Follow your outline and pipe white around all of the areas you have outlined. Go back and flood with white. If you want to add sprinkles do it now!
After the white icing has dried for 5-10 minutes, pipe the small open spaces on the sides of both faces with your skin tone color, and fill with flooding icing. You can go ahead and do the same with red, piping Santa's hat, and Mrs.Clause's dress. Let the whole cookie dry for about 20 minutes. I use this waiting time to clean up……or eat sprinkles and scraps.
After the cookies have surface dried; add the nose, lips, glasses, details on the hair and beard, Santa's hat, and Mrs. Clause's dress. Use piping consistency for all of these.
Add the eyes and rosy cheeks last. For the rosy cheeks I put a TINY bit of red gel on a decorating brush, diluted it with water, and made small circular motions. This is also best to do when your cookie is completely dry!
Let your cookies dry while you clean up your mess!
 After they are dry, place them on a plate for Santa with a cold glass of milk and you are sure to have the best plate of Santa cookies in town!
Property of @doughmestichousewife
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