Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Do and Cat In the Hat

We have had a couple of crazy weeks around our house, and a couple of fun cookie orders to add to the craziness!!!

My first order was for an engagement party. Kelly sent me to Pinterest after finding a cookie that the bride loved. I took that idea and put my own spin on it and loved how they turned out.

I added small pearls to the flowers in the girls hair, painted metallic gold on the ring, and used sanding sugar on the "diamond."

Congrats Elizabeth and Bradley!!!

I started this week of with a fun Cat In the Hat order. Jennifer was so easy to work with and I took her ideas and mine and came up with some fun cookies!

I did the hat, some #1's, the Cat In the Hat, and the red fish in his fish bowl.

This was my first time to do the actual Cat in the Hat. I drew him with edible markers onto a white cookie. I thought this would be the best way to get all of the small details.

(this pic is not the best)

The red fish in his fish bowl.

Dr. Seuss never gets old :).

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Make A Wish and a Winner

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Kristen who asked if I could make some cookies for a Make A Wish dinner. I immediately said yes after she told me it was to surprise a 12 year old girl and her family with a trip to Disneyland.
I feel like things like this are exactly why I am making cookies. I know a cookie seems so small and insignificant, but if it is used to put a smile on the face of a 12 year old girl who has been through it, I will make a million!

I thought these turned out so fun! 

This was my first time to do Mickey, so I really had fun. I used edible gold stars on the magic wand just to add a little bit of fun.

A close up of Mickey and Minnie:

When you all think about this family, say a prayer for Julissa!

I also made some more Owls and Chevron this week.

These will always be some of my favorite to make. These colors are just fun!

And just because this was too funny not to share.....
The kids were playing outside in Jasons shop (he builds hot rods), and Taylor fell and lost the sucker that she had in her hand.
After a few minutes of looking for it I told her we would get another one and we went on; until I noticed this:

(sorry for the bad picture, i snapped it with my phone)

Do you see it? Its stuck upside down directly on top of her head.
Only Taylor. She keeps us rolling.

Speaking of the little stinker, we went out to eat for Fathers day with my inlaws and on the ride home I turned around to check on the kids and this is what T looked like.

(Another phone pic, sorry for the quality)

Somehow she found my mascara on the ride home (?) and painted herself basically from head to toe. We laughed and laughed.....and scrubbed and scrubbed.

Lastly, on Tuesday I chose a winner for the Shabby Apple Giveaway.

Congrats Tara at!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pieces of Parker at 4

The other night I was coloring with the kids and Parker and I had the sweetest conversation that I wrote down with a crayon while we were coloring.

Me: "What is your favorite color?"


Me:What is your favorite animal?


Me:What is your favorite cartoon?
Parker:Tom and Jerry and Sponge Bob

Me:Who is your best friend?
Parker: Mom and Taylor (sorry Daddy, I'm pretty sure it was just who was in eyesight)

Me:What is your favorite food?
Parker: Macaroni and Cheese and String Cheese

Me: What are your favorite toys?
Parker: Squinkies and Coloring

Me: How old are you?
Parker: I am 4 Taytay (what he calls Taylor) is 1

Me:What is your favorite Bible Story?
Parker: The one where the boy kills the huge giant with a rock, and the one with lots of colors (Joseph and the coat of many colors)

Me:What do you want to be when you grow up?
Parker: A finder so I don't lose anything and so Taylor won't be sad because she lost a toy.

Me:Do you want any more brothers or sisters?
Parker:2 sisters and 4 brothers because I like babies.......ok?!

You are an answer to prayer and you bring more joy to our house than I thought possible. You are smart, sweet, and love to be right in the middle of everything. We are crazy about you and we love you to the moon!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to our sweet daddy! We love you so much and are so thankful for all you do!

And Happy Fathers day to my sweet Dad who is the best Dad and Papa we could ever ask for.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Sweets

Its the weekend!!! We have had the best morning doing absolutely nothing and laying around in our pj's and Daddy is catching up on some much needed rest. I snapped this pic on Instagram this morning.

The sweetest! My heart could burst with how much I love these two!

My last out of town order for the week was a sweet monkey themed birthday set for sweet Finn.

The party colors are light blue and lime green, which look so good together. I also couldn't help but add the bow tie to the monkey!

Happy Birthday Finn!!!!

My first local order was for sweet Amy from Our Every Day Dinners. Her daughter had her birthday party at a local nail salon and her she picked a zebra and pink theme. When Amy sent me picture of the napkins and plates she told me they reminded her of a bachelorette party but it was her daughters choice so that's what they were using! I laughed so hard but assured her they would make some super cute cookies!

I have a definite obsession with buying cookie cutters, and this nail polish bottle was one of my random buys a long time ago. I have been dying to use it and I couldn't have been more excited when Amy told me where Kate's party was. I added some sanding sugar just for fun and sprayed the "lid" with Wilton silver metallic spray.

I did a square cookie to match the print on the napkin.

Some polka dot #9's.....

And a round zebra cookie with Kate's monogram (by request of the birthday girl).

Happy 9th Birthday Kate!!

My only other in town order for the week was for Paxton's first birthday.

The theme of his party was just different shades of blue. I LOVED this. Silvy (Paxton's mama)is so sweet and is one of those super easy customers who is easy to please. She basically told me to just used different shades of blue and different patterns.

I did polka dotted #1's

Round Tie Dye "Happy Birthday" cookies.

And square Chevron cookies with Paxton's name.

And of course a special cookie for big brother Parker.

Happy 1st Birthday Paxton!!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bubble Guppies and Coupon Code

I hope everyone is having a great week! We have had a week full of fun, and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

I made some Bubble Guppie cookies for fellow blogger Jennifer a few months back, and ever since the Bubble Guppie orders have poured in! They are so fun to make, and I love to see that people enjoy them!

I won't lie, these are extremely time consuming. I snapped a couple of pictures to show you the process.

I bake the cookies the night before and ice them all blue. I let them dry overnight to make sure I have a solid, dry surface to work on the next day.
I use a template I printed off of the computer, and draw the basic outline of each character onto the cookies with an edible marker.

Next a take black icing (piping consistency) and use a #1 tip to outline each character. I have tried a #2 tip and the line just seemed too bulky in my opinion.

I then fill each cookie and let it dry for an hour before I add all of the finish details.
I wish I had taken a pic of the cookie before I added the final details, but basically the eyebrows, lashes, noses, accent marks etc.

The finished product!

I use edible markers for each characters mouth because the area is so small. This is the very last thing I do after the cookies have dried again overnight. You NEVER want to write on a cookie that has not dried overnight. It isn't pretty if you rush the process.

Keep the character orders coming!!!

On a totally different note, I will choose the winner for the Shabby Apple giveaway next week, but I am excited to offer ALL of my readers a 10% off coupon to use for an entire month!!!!
Use code thedoughmestichousewife10off.

I am also offering another way to enter in the giveaway. I have posted a tweet (@hollyhighthomas) on twitter about the 10% coupon. Reroute this tweet and comment on the Shabby Apple post to let me know you have done it!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway

I cannot tell you all how excited I am to be doing a giveaway with the Shabby Apple! If you haven't visited this store, GO DO IT! I promise you will not be disappointed, but make sure you have plenty of time to oooo and ahhh because there are SO many cute things. From the perfect dress, to a fun vintage swimsuit, Shabby Apple has the perfect thing for you!

I wanted to share my favorite thing with you, but I couldn't even get close to narrowing it down to 1, so how about my favorite top ten? (ha!)
L Amour Dress

Everything about this dress is perfect. The length, color, ruffles and material.
Roses Mean Love Necklace

What a fun gift!

Colorful and Fun!

Gold Coral Bangles

Gold + Coral = YES!
Cabana Swimsuit

How cute is this?!

Ava Cover Suite

There is nothing better than something that is cute, and comfy!

Pizzaro Skirt

This is my very favorite thing! The color, scalloped edges, high waist, and material, LOVE it!

Malt Shop Dress

I love the lace trend that is going on right now, and this
dress just couldn't get any better.

The Metropolitan blouse
paired with the Bandersnatch Skirt

Both of these pieces are so versatile. You could wear each a million ways.

Bluebella Earrings

Simple, Cute and Practical

Ok, So I promise this only scratches the surface of the cuteness.

Are you ready to win a $50.00 gift card to Shabby Apple ?!

To enter you must:
Next, pick your favorite item from their store, and leave me a comment letting me know what you have picked. I will choose the winner one week from today on


*This Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. 

Birds, Buntings and Belmont Stakes

My two local orders from last week couldn't have been any different from each other. The first order was for a baby shower with a "bird and bunting" theme. The invite to this shower was one of the cutest I have ever seen. I was asked to do simple pink birds and a bunting cookie to match the colors on the invite.

These colors were so fun. I used a simple white pearl for the birds eye which I thought added a little "sweetness" to the bird and fit perfectly for a baby shower.

On the round bunting cookie I added a small blue bird atop the bunting to tie in the bird theme.

I love the bunting trend right now.

Next up a derby themed set of cookies for sweet Tara. She threw a super fun wedding shower for one of her sisters and it happened to be on the same Day as the Belmont Stakes so she went with the derby theme. The colors she used for the shower were turquoise, red, hot pink and yellow.

I think my favorite cookie is the horseshoe. Probably because it was close to life size and I got to use my gold Wilton spray :).

I will be back with more fun cookies, but for now check back for a fun giveaway!!!! I promise you won't want to miss it!

And just because I haven't posted a pic of my sweeties in a while I had to share these:

Taylor loves the camera. She stays still, poses and gives me the cheesiest smiles.

Parker wasn't having any of it. He was bouncing all over the trampoline to make sure I didn't get a good picture.

We are loving the nice summer days. We spend them swimming, playing, jumping on the trampoline and wearing ourselves out! The kids are exhausted by night time and I usually find them crashed somewhere before bed time.

I love summer!

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