Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bubble Guppies and Coupon Code

I hope everyone is having a great week! We have had a week full of fun, and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

I made some Bubble Guppie cookies for fellow blogger Jennifer a few months back, and ever since the Bubble Guppie orders have poured in! They are so fun to make, and I love to see that people enjoy them!

I won't lie, these are extremely time consuming. I snapped a couple of pictures to show you the process.

I bake the cookies the night before and ice them all blue. I let them dry overnight to make sure I have a solid, dry surface to work on the next day.
I use a template I printed off of the computer, and draw the basic outline of each character onto the cookies with an edible marker.

Next a take black icing (piping consistency) and use a #1 tip to outline each character. I have tried a #2 tip and the line just seemed too bulky in my opinion.

I then fill each cookie and let it dry for an hour before I add all of the finish details.
I wish I had taken a pic of the cookie before I added the final details, but basically the eyebrows, lashes, noses, accent marks etc.

The finished product!

I use edible markers for each characters mouth because the area is so small. This is the very last thing I do after the cookies have dried again overnight. You NEVER want to write on a cookie that has not dried overnight. It isn't pretty if you rush the process.

Keep the character orders coming!!!

On a totally different note, I will choose the winner for the Shabby Apple giveaway next week, but I am excited to offer ALL of my readers a 10% off coupon to use for an entire month!!!!
Use code thedoughmestichousewife10off.

I am also offering another way to enter in the giveaway. I have posted a tweet (@hollyhighthomas) on twitter about the 10% coupon. Reroute this tweet and comment on the Shabby Apple post to let me know you have done it!


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  2. I would love to order some of these. Would you email
    Me some info/ cost etc? The party is july14th

  3. Please email me some info/cost on these cookies, my daughters first birthday party is sept 8th thank you!

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  5. i would like to order some cookies.. 45 of them for my kids bday party in a few weeks... can you please email me about pricing and shipping? thanks... my email is



  6. So cute!! How much do you charge a dozen? Thanks! Sharon :)


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