Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cookie Crazy and Chicken Pox

This has been a fun week because all of my orders were so different. I started off the week with another Angry Birds order, but since I just posted Angry Bird pics last week, I will just show you the pigs.  
Aren't these guys hilarious?! I laughed every time I saw them.
Next up, a sweet sailboat order.

I made the sailboats match the invite, and put Caiden's name on a simple green cookie. I loved the blue and green together!

My third order of the week was for my sweet friend Helen's Mom, who was having a Queen's Jubilee party. I did navy and red cookies with the Queen's emblem on them.

My fourth order was for a modern Dr. Seuss party. I love taking something classic and putting a fun spin on it.

I never get tired of doing Dr. Seuss cookies. I loved taking the hat and adding a little "modern" to it with the chevron.

My only local order this week was for a lingerie shower. Kim was so easy to work with. She told me the party colors were hot pink, black and white, and do whatever designs I wanted.

I did bras, panties and corset's.

These cookies are so fun!

My last order for the week was for a Ninjago birthday party. When I was asked to do these I said yes, and then quickly went and tried to figure out what a Ninjago was, ha! I found out the are Lego Ninjas, and was so excited to do something I had never done.

I also did some Ninja faces, and "4's" to coordinate.

I was ready for a break after this 6th order was finished! My parents kept the kids Friday and Saturday and Jason and I celebrated our 8 year Anniversary a few days early. We enjoyed every second of the time we had together and I even slept in this morning!

We were happy to pick the kiddos up and end the week with a bang. My Mom called me yesterday and asked if I had noticed a small spot on Taylor's cheek. I had, but thought it was nothing and blew it off. She told me that it looked like chicken pox to her, and told me she would keep an eye on it.
A few hours later Taylor had broken out in head to toe chicken pox. Sigh. She has been such a trooper and is playing and acting like her sweet self. I am praying it runs its course quickly!


  1. So sorry to hear your sweet girl has chicken pox, NO FUN! This weeks cookies are AMAZING... I cannot wait to order from you. Sad that I waited too long to get an order in for Slade's birthday.

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet compliments! I am excited to do something for you, I am sad it didn't work out for Slade's birthday too :(.

  3. Perfection, just like always!

  4. I had NO CLUE that T had ckn pox :(


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