Monday, February 20, 2012

A Birthday, A Bunting, and a Giveaway!

On February 4th my sweet neice Elle Louise turned 2! While in the party planning stages, her momma Kari Beth at, asked me if I would do the cookies and cupcakes. Of course I said yes, and here is what we ended up with!!!

The invitation had a bunting with "Hooray" written across it, and immediately I knew I had to incorporate that into the cookies! I used the polka dots from the background of the invitation and put the bunting on top. I loved these cookies. They were fun, different and very Elle Louise!
I used all of the colors to make some fun polka dot 2's, and then copied some flowers from the napkins for the other two designs to break up the polka dots.
Fun, simple and sweet!

I also did the cupcakes for the party. Kari Beth wanted white cake and icing with a clean simple look. I used just a simple white cake, white icing, and filled them with yummy lemon filling. They were the perfect offset to the colorful cookies! I somehow managed to not get a pic of the cupcakes, but Kari Beth has some good ones on her blog so hop over there to see! (Sorry)

Lastly, if you like anything lemon, check back here tomorrow for the yummiest lemon recipe you will ever eat. EVER. Its a lemon mousse cake and I have yet to find anyone that doesn't like it. (If you try it and don't like it please don't burst my bubble. Just don't tell me :) )

I also have a couple of itty bitty taste testers that will be on here tomorrow to show you how yummy it

If you are interesting in winning 24 FREE cookies, yes FREE, head over to Kari Beth's blog and enter her giveaway! I am giving away two dozen cookies to the lucky winner!


  1. Just entered the giveaway! Love your blog design and of course your amazing cookies!

  2. Your work is amazing. I sent u an email back about how far in advance I need to order cookies????? I think u said you were already full in March except for 24th, correct???

    1. Thank ya'll very much!
      Brandi-Yes I have one opening on the 24th!

  3. Your cookies are so cute! I decided to share your blog on my post today!

  4. Lovely birthday cookies! I love colorful cookies a lot. I have also been thinking to book some affordable outdoor venue Houston TX for my son’s 10th birthday bash. Would like to make party food and desserts on my own so if you have any ideas then please share.


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