Saturday, May 19, 2012

Candy Bar and Graduation

Somehow I ended up with a gazillion cookies this week, and I'm still alive......barely.
My third order of the week was for a "candy bar" party.

I  did these for the KDO staff where Parker goes one day a week. When they asked me to do these I was more than glad because we have LOVED being part of this program. Parker looks forward to going to "school" every week, and his teachers couldn't be sweeter (seriously there was no pun intended and I debated on changing this, but thought it was kind of cute :).

I loved all of these bright colors!

Next I did some graduation cookies for some sweet friends who had a weekend full of graduation parties!

The graduate is headed to TCU!

Next up, a John Deere birthday party and a Razorback themed graduation party!

I had to share this story about Parker this week:
Parker got an angry birds game for his birthday and he has LOVED it. Its just a bunch of birds and blocks where you build your own towers and use a sling shot to knock the blocks down. The game also came with the pigs that you knock off of the blocks.
My Mom called me yesterday and told me she had found a pig at her house, to tell Parker and she would save it so he could come get it. I told him that Gigi (that's what the kids call my Mom) had found a pig and was saving it for him.
So I was asking Parker if he wanted to go over to their house and he got really excited and said "YES! Let's go get my pig!!!"
Poor guy thought he was getting a pet pig. Not so much buddy, not so much. This is a little more like it:

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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  1. Love the cookies! I am a TCU alum! Go Frogs!


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