Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

We are slowly getting back into a normal routine after two weeks of weddings, birthday parties, and ending the craziness with Mothers Day. Even though we had a lot happening, it was all fun stuff and we had a really special couple of weeks!
My little sisters wedding was BEAUTIFUL and couldn't have been more perfect. She had all of her neices and nephews in the wedding, and they all did exactly what they were supposed to and it was adorable!

The kids sat and played so patiently in the bridal suite while they were waiting for the wedding to start.

Taylor was bumming food of of Elle here. Aren't these dresses the sweetest things ever?!

Parker thinks Regan and Riley (my big sister's twins) hung the moon. I love the kids having sweet cousins to grow up with, the five of them together is quite the party!

And of course a picture of the bride. Doesn't she look gorgeous! Her dress was so pretty. My parents married their last daughter off and their bank account is rejoicing :).

We ended the weekend with Mothers Day and we had a nice, relaxing day of doing nothing. It was great!

I am so blessed God chose me to be their Mom. I couldn't be crazier about them!

Jason also got me a mothers ring for mothers Day. I have wanted one for a while, and he surprised me with it on my birthday (May 10th). I LOVE it!

Peyton's name is on the other side :).

With the end of all of our fun stuff came the beginning of another week of cookies!
I started off the week with a set of elephant and chevron cookies for a sweet baby girl.

and another set of CARS cookies!

I really love these guys. By the time I am ready to ship them off I feel like they are my friends, ha!

I am back on my busy cookie schedule so I will be posting some more fun ones this week!


  1. Cute pictures of the kids! Love that ring!! I have separate ones for my 2, but think the one is such a neat idea with all 3 names!

  2. Thank you :). I remember yours! The guy that did mine is the original designer of these rings, He is a friend of Jason's. Hope to see ya'll soon!

  3. So cute! I did some Cars cookies a few weeks ago and felt the same way. I didn't do all 4 though! It was hard to see them go! Ha!


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