Monday, May 7, 2012

Super Mario

We have had a really crazy week around our house. Jason's best friend from High School got married so we had the rehearsal dinner Friday night, the wedding Saturday, and Parker's family birthday party Sunday. P's actual birthday is next Saturday the 12th, but my little sister is getting married that day so we partied early.
Sadly I didn't get any pics of us going to the wedding because I was baking cupcakes and cookies up to the second we had to leave. I promise there will be a picture overload from this weekend so I'll make up for it.
Parker's family party was Super Mario themed. He LOVES Super Mario. He has the Mario hat and wears it everywhere. I was really excited about doing cookies for the party. I am well studied up on the characters so I got to work!

The "extra life" is not in the pic, it had already been eaten :).

I had to draw the line somewhere on what characters to include, but I can't wait to do these again and do some more characters. Parker's face when he saw these was priceless. It was worth every bit of time and effort I put into these.

My favorites were....

the mushroom.....


and Yoshi.

I will post pics of Parker's party as soon as I get them from my sister. I picked up my camera Saturday to take pictures and my battery wasn't in it. I was sick to my stomach but so thankful Whitney brought her camera!

I am looking forward to some fun posts this week, check back tomorrow for my favorite things!!!!


  1. These are so fun and you did an awesome job! Did you hand cut all those shapes or do u have Mario cutters?

    1. Thank you so much! I hand cut Mario, Luigi, Mushroom and Yoshi. The rest I used cutters I had!

  2. Your cookies are simply amazing! I check all the time just to see what you have created next. It is obvious how much time you put in to each cookie. One word,PERFECTION!
    Brandon, MS

    1. Thank you SO much! I love hearing that people enjoy looking at all of my hard work :). I will keep the fun creations coming!

  3. I am from Iowa and am thinking about ordering cookies for my son's 7th birthday at the end of July. I just need to get him to decide between Ninjago or Mario!

  4. So fun! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

  5. Your cookies are amazing!! I just started trying royal icing. Would you share your cookie recipe please.


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