Thursday, May 3, 2012

Royal Love and More Monkeys

I started off this week shipping out two orders. The first order was for sweet Helen from Monograms and Manicures. She seriously may be one of the nicest people I know. She accomplishes more than I thought any one person could. She is always traveling, throwing a party, or doing something fun!
Helen asked me to do some Union Jack flags, and some gold rings with a sapphire for a Royal party she is having this weekend. I have done the rings before, but this was my first time to do a Union Jack.

I love trying things I have never done before so these were a fun challenge!

For all of the cookie decorators out there, I used Wilton gold spray for the gold on the rings. I LOVE their sprays. I have the gold, silver and pearl and they are great!

The second order I shipped was for a sweet twitter friend. She has twins that are turning one and she asked me to do some monkeys, ones, and bananas. To say that I was excited when she mentioned a banana is an understatement. This was my first time to do a banana also!

Her twins are boy/girl so I did some boy monkeys with the bow tie, and some girl monkeys with a bow and earrings.

And of course the bananas....

If only bananas tasted like an iced sugar cookie :).

I am slowing down the cookies for about a week so that I can concentrate on Parker's birthday and my sister's wedding. But I will be making cookies for both events, of course, so I will still be posting fun stuff! Parker is having a Super Mario party and I am so excited about doing these cookies :).

On another fun note, don't forget to enter the Elle and Ollie Giveaway! I will pick the winner tomorrow evening and announce it Saturday! So hurry and enter!!!

And speaking of Elle and Ollie, today is Kari Beth's birthday!!!!!!! So head on over to Living the High Life and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


  1. Love them as usual! I did Super Mario last week and I really enjoyed them! Good tip on the Wilton luster spray, I need to pick up some of that.

  2. I LOVE my cookies and am going to have a hard time giving them away as they are SO pretty! I cannot wait to for all my other orders. You do an AMAZING job Holly!


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