Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Picture Rundown

I have had a busy past week in the cookie world. I shipped to PA, AL and TX  and because of that I have gotten a little behind on posting pics.  Here are some of the orders from this past week!

I took this pic before I finished their mouths, oops!


Lingerie Shower

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse's  bow

Baby shower

Chevron and Polka dots

Monogram for a bridal shower.

I am slowly cutting down on the amount of cookie orders I take, and I am excited to have more time to share recipes, tutorials and fun stuff with you!

But for now, we are headed to swim and I am getting my hair done today. AHHHHHHHHH :).


  1. You are so talented. And I LOVE those onesie cookies! SO cute!

  2. I'm throwing a bubble guppies party for my son's 2nd birthday, those cookies are ADORABLE! How would one either a-go about making or b-order cookies from you? Do you have pricing into available? Thanks!


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