Friday, August 17, 2012

Yeehaw and Gymnastics

I had every intention of posting these on Thursday, but my poor blog has been broken. It magically fixed itself today so I'm crossing my fingers nothing else happens

I was so excited when sweet Megan asked me to do cookies for her twins cowboy/cowgirl themed 1st birthday. I love the western theme, and combined with the fact that it was for boy/girl twins, these made some cute cookies!

Megan was so easy to work with and basically told me she was using pinks and blues and she wanted cowboy boots. I added a sweet pink bow to half of the cowboy hats for sweet Sloane, and a sheriffs star on the other half for Knox. 

I also did some pink and blue #1's with names to add some color to the set.

And of course some cowboy boots. I did half pink/half blue.

Oh, and did I mention I did 100 of these???? :)

I can't wait to see pictures from this party, Megan has been posting the CUTEST tidbits of the party on instagram. It's going to be adorable.

Speaking of adorable.....

These two started gymnastics this week. CUTEST. THING. EVER.  I'm totally going to be that crazy Mom in the bleachers when my kids get older and start playing sports. I wanted to jump through the glass window at the gym and tell them they were the best and that what they were doing was awesome. All over a front somersault. But really, it was the best ;).

If you are wondering about the rock heart, Parker told me Peyton would really like it if he held his heart in this picture. My parents get us something for our garden we built for Peyton every year on his birthday. They got us this heart this year and we love it so much we have kept it in the house as a sweet reminder of him.

I really love these two. Their daddy and I pretty much think they hung the moon :).

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  1. Holly, you made precious pink & turquoise owl cookies for my daughter (Sara Kate) back in April. Know Taylor just turned 2, and Sara Kate is 2...where did you start her in gymnastics? This weekend she started doing some stuff that made me think she just might like gymnastics! Thanks!


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