Sunday, April 1, 2012

Playing Catch Up Part 1

I'm back! I was so busy with cookies last week I didn't have a spare second to sit down and blog so now I am playing catch up! I did around 175 cookies last week, so I am so happy to have a few days to catch up around the house and get my garden planted.
I know there is a first time for everything when it comes to the cookies, and I have tried to prepare myself for when those "firsts" happen, but one of them happened last week. I made 40 of these sweet monogrammed cookies for Erin:

I shipped them priority on Tuesday which is 48 hr shipping and.........they never showed up. They also never came back to me. Soooooo, some postman is sitting around eating sugar cookies. To say that I was sick to my stomach is an understatement. Not for myself but for Erin who had a shower planned for today with these cookies. I am SO THANKFUL for how sweet Erin has been through this whole thing. She was so understanding and nice.  So, there is a first time for everything and this was not a good first but I knew it could happen at some point.
I would like to bid my farewell to the USPS and I will now be using Fed Ex or UPS.

Next I did a soccer themed party for the winner of the giveaway from last month.

It was Parker's 3rd birthday and I did these to match some printables his Mom used for the party. I thought these were fun especially since I have a Parker too!

I also did some anniversary cookies for a sweet friend. I grew up with her husband and his family and now he is a coach at the High School I went too. They also have a little boy the same age as Taylor so we run into each other often at KDO. Courtney just told me to do whatever which I LOVE and so I used white, turquoise and red and came up with these.

Happy Anniversary Duane and Courtney!

I'm going to do a separate post with the last three orders from the week. But I have to post a few pics of my sweeties :).

I almost posted a normal picture but then thought........this is normal. Taylor is picking her nose, and Parker is climbing all over me and the swing.

I couldn't leave this one out. This may be the fattest happiest baby on the planet. Look at those cheeks!

I'll be back tomorrow with my last three orders for the week!

*If you have emailed me and I haven't gotten back to you I will in the next couple of days. I'm a little behind on emails, Sorry!

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  1. Those are all adorable!!! and how cute are your babies!


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