Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This and That

We are finally back into the swing of things after taking a weekend away with family. Getting away was much needed, and we had an absolute blast. The kids were so easy and slept like champs the two nights we were away.

Miss priss had a blast. I'm pretty sure she ate an awful amount of sweets and basically was given what she wanted when she wanted it. That's what getting away is for, right?

And this sweet boy was in heaven with his big cousins. He is majorly outnumbered being the only boy grandchild, but he doesn't seem to mind a bit!

We got home Sunday afternoon, and after naps we headed out to the North campus of our church for the Annual Fireworks at the Crosses. We love going to this every year, it is amazing!

Not the best pic but the only one I got with me and the kids.

As if sno cones, fireworks and running around like crazy wasn't fun enough, look who we ran into?!

Regan and Riley!!!!

We sat with my oldest sis, her hubby, and their twin girls and had so much fun. Taylor was entertaining us all by dancing around and doing somersaults. She wasn't phased a bit by the fireworks.

This was a perfect way to enjoy some fireworks since we aren't able to shoot any on the 4th. Not to mention we didn't have to buy them or clean them up! :)

Before we left I delivered two cookie orders to finish up my week. The first order was for Brittany. I met Brittany through twitter and she is so sweet! The cookies were for her sisters bridal shower which was tea party themed.

I love this theme and I love these colors!

There are cutters that I absolutely can't wait to use and the spoon is one of them. How fun is this?! I also use my Wilton metallic spray whenever I can so that just makes it double the fun.

A couple of close ups....

Lastly I made Peanut Butter Smores from Pinterest last night and they were SO GOOD. If you or someone in your family likes Peanut Butter you have to give these a try!

Head on over to The Sweet Life for the recipe!

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