Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Crew and Fireman Party

I hope everyone is having a good week, ours has been fairly relaxed which I needed this week! I only took 3 orders this week so that I could have a few days of just being with the kids.
I started off the week by doing some sweet cookies for Melissa. Baby Crew decided to come a little early and she wanted some cookies to give to visitors. She told me Crew had a light blue chevron print in his room, and that she wanted to use a modern elephant shape for one of the cookies. I went for a modern and sweet look for these and loved how they turned out!
I love, love LOVE the blue and yellow together!

My second party this week was a fireman party for a sweet little boy turning 3. His Mom was so sweet and basically just took my suggestions and let me run with it! She decided on fireman hats, 3's with a dalmation print, fire trucks, and hydrants. This was my first fireman party so I was super excited to do these!

These are headed off to Texas this morning!

I have one more party this weekend and the theme is Tom and Jerry. FUN!!!! Parker loves Tom and Jerry so I will definitely be making a few extra :).

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