Friday, March 2, 2012

Construction Party

I was planning on posting the promised Rock Star cookies today, but after looking through my camera I realized I did not take one pic of the cookies. I am so mad at myself. I will try to get some pics from the customer and share them!
On to party #3, and on a totally different note, construction!! These were for Aaron's 3rd birthday:

He loves backhoes so I did these with some hard hats and sent them off to TX!!

Many of ya'll ask how I do all of this with my kids. Well, I don't really know. A ton of late nights, lost sleep, and a grandma here and there :). I will occasionally decorate during the day while the kids are playing, but I don't really like to do that and here is why:

Sigh. Someone found my address stamp (for a 2nd time). Both times he has gotten it he attempts to paint his body from head to toe. The last time he did it his arms were completely black. He also got my couches and ottomans.
I laughed because I couldn't help it and sent him straight to the bath. I mean come on, look at that sweet face :).

CUTE party #4 up tomorrow! I promise!

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