Monday, March 12, 2012

Lingerie Cookies and Shipping

This week started off with another lingerie order, and I thought this would be a good one to show everyone how I ship cookies. I am having so much fun "meeting" people from all over and being a part of birthday parties, showers, and celebrations all over!

So when I got this cookie order, I was told that hot pink and black would be a preference for colors, but that the bride wasn't too "girly" so maybe some blue thrown in too. So I took those colors and made some fun corsettes, nighties, bras and undies.

I thought these turned out cute!

Now onto shipping......

These are my shipping neccesities. A box, bubble wrap, tape, packing tape, scissors, bags, and a hair straightener. Yes, a hair straightener.
After the cookies have dried overnight, I bag and seal each one airtight. To do this I use a hair straightener to seal each bag. I promise I have never used this hair straightener on hair :).

And while you are bagging them, do not jump up when you hear the microwave timer go off and smush a cookie, because that's what I did. I made myself feel better by eating it.

Next, I roll out my bubble wrap and lay two cookies face down ready to wrap.

I then roll the cookies in the bubble wrap.....

and repeat with another two cookies.......

until I have six cookies per "bundle."


Next I cut my sweet child a peice of bubble wrap so that he will quit crawling all over my packing supplies and trying to pop all of the bubble wrap.

After I have all of the cookies wrapped in bubble wrap I line the bottom of the box with a generous amount of bubble wrap and place the cookies inside standing upright.

I layer more bubble wrap, more cookies, and fill the empty spaces that are left with newspaper or more bubble wrap.

Lastly I tape the box with packing tape and write FRAGILE an obnoxious amount of times all over it.
(This pic was before)

These are on their way to Austin, TX!

The cookies stay fresh for about a week. I actually think longer when they are sealed airtight, but I never bake an order earlier than 7 days before the party. 
I also always keep the cookies in an airtight container. The only time they are out is if I am icing them or they are drying. I try to keep them as fresh as possible.

I hope this answered some of your questions, feel free to email me if you have any more!! 

Next up, Toy Story!

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