Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Smash Cake

I just took out of town cookie orders this week so that I could focus on a smash cake and cupcake order that I had this weekend. This was a little out of my comfort zone but I was really excited to do something different and change it up a little bit! I did the smash cake for sweet Finley who is turning 1, and his party is a "Candy Bar" party. Its going to be so cute ya'll, the invite we got was a giant lollipop with the invite printed on the front. CUTE!!! So I went along with the colorful theme and thanks to Pinterest came up with this:

Cute, colorful, and very "Candy Bar." This was my first smash cake so I was just learning as I went. I hope to do more cakes in the future becaue I really enjoyed doing it. I also did 3 dozen "white on white" cupcakes with this order.

I made a few extra and we are finishing them off tonight :). I have to stop this because my sister is getting married in 8 weeks. It will not be pretty if I don't.

Happy Birthday sweet Finley!!!!!

On another note I'm gearing up for some BUSY weeks ahead. I counted the cookies I will make in the next month and it was around 1,000. If ya'll think of me pray for good time management!! My most important job is a wife and mom and I don't want to slack because I am baking. I have a lot of fun orders coming up and I'm excited to share them. I'll be starting off the week with a tea party order, an owls order, and a flower order. But while I am not baking, I will be loving on these sweeties....

This was before P began to hug and love on her. She automatically goes into defense mode when he approaches her because 50% of the time he is not hugging.

And this was after :).

We had a fun day of eating, playing and going to see the Lorax. We took Taylor with us and she did pretty good! Jason took her out once and rocked her to sleep and brought her back. She slept until the end of the movie so it worked out perfectly. Parker is an old pro at going to movies, he and his daddy do it often!

I'll be posting my first cookie order of the week tomorrow!


  1. I love your work!! I keep asking my nieces and nephew what their "themes" will be for their birthday parties this year (one in July, October, November, and then next March). I want to order cookies for each of their birthdays. My niece who will be 9 in November is saying Justin Beiber...but that could change. What ideas would you have for that kind of theme? Ha, I'm just thinking out loud right now!:)

  2. Thank you so much! I would love to do something for you. We could do some rock star cookies for a Justin Beiber party. I'm doing a rock star party next week so maybe that will give you some ideas!!

  3. Heyyyyyyy!!!!!!OMG you are soo AWSOME an I want to perfect as you...your work is beautiful I mean jus beautiful....I want to do this soo bad the cookies tht is...I bake a lot but not like this...sometimes I sale the cups cakes I make...but they box��������...but they like them..i do different shapes an sizes an Color...they love the rainbow cakes..but I want to do this...your so AWSOME...I hve 4kids they love to see me bake but I want to show them from scratch an design pretty cookies..I tried buying regular cookie dough an it never turns out rite...I want to go to school for this I love doing this...but I don't kno my husband be so busy them the kids so I dnt kno how to balance this out with trying to go to school..I was thinking classes or sum..please help me..I wish u could teach me������ I'm lost


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